Praying the Scripture Series

“Spiritual Fitness”

Praying for Forgiveness

I.                    Introduction:

In His final moments on the cross; Jesus said, “Father, forgive them. For they do not know what they do.” (Luke 23:34)  He was at the point of death.  He had been beaten, talked about, spit on, mocked, dragged, stabbed, and betrayed.  Yet in still, His final thoughts and words were placed on forgiveness.  How painful it is to forgive; but what a release?  Shortly after He had asked for others to be forgiven; His spirit was released to His Father who was in Heaven. (Luke 23:46) He trusted God enough!

You too brothers and sisters  have been beaten, talked about, spit on, mocked, dragged, stabbed, raped, abused, rejected, abandon mistreated and betrayed.  You’ve been lied too and on.  Yet in still, God requires your thoughts and words to be placed on forgiveness.  Painful?  Yes!  Necessary? Of course!  Don’t BLOCK your release today! Let your spirit be released to your Father who is in Heaven.  Trust Him enough! Unforgiveness is a trust issue!  Forgiveness does not mean I have to talk to you everyday or hang out with you.  Forgiveness means I give you back to God!  It means that it’s out of my hands and I hold NO grudges!


Let’s Pray:  Father, help me to release every hurt, every pain, whisper of the enemy I’ve allowed myself to believe.  Today Father, give me the strength to forgive everyone living and dead that has caused any hurt and pain I may have.  Allow the pain and hurt to rise up that I’ve hidden in my heart so there will be no secrets.  From this point on Father, No more secrets!  I want no hidden ground that the enemy can operate in.  Transform my heart to forgive because you have forgiven me.  It’s in Jesus Name I pray, Amen.

II.                  Defining Forgiveness

  1. To wipe the slate clean, to pardon, to cancel a debt
  2. Seeking forgiveness is to seek restoration (It’s not just restoring you to your offender.  It’s restoring you to God.  Unforgiveness is a SIN.  SIN seperates us from God.)
  3. Not granted out of someone deserving it; it is an act of love, mercy, and grace
  4. Does not mean you approve or accept the behavior (When God forgives us He’s not saying the sins you committed are acceptable and there will not be consequences.  He’s saying I love you so much. I believe in you so much.  I love you; but I do not love your behavior.)
  5. Is the release of the wrong they committed against you

Which road are you on?



III.               History of Forgiveness

Forgiveness was here in the beginning.  Let scripture prove it to you!  In Genesis 3 we learn about the fall of mankind.  We see clearly in this chapter that man disobeyed God. Man tried to hide his sins from God. Man refused to be held accountable for his actions.   Based on God’s words in Genesis 2:16, Man was warned that if he disobeyed he would DIE!

But look at God’s love, mercy, and grace!  Look at his demonstration of FORGIVENESS!  Man had consequences for his actions but in Genesis 3:9; 21, 22.  God’s love forgiveness is shown by God knowing that they messed up but coming to look for them anyway.  In verse, God could have taken them out; but instead he didn’t want them to remain in shame.  He cloth them to cover their nakedness!  Forgiveness will make you go a step further!!!  In verse 22, they were to have no access to Eternal Life!!!!!!!!!

But God!!! The Forgiver still had mercy, grace, and compassion. Think about what all MAN has done!!! He still sent a SAVIOR, JESUS in Matthew 1:18.  Jesus was born to wipe the slate clean, to pardon, to cancel debts for you and for me!

We are forgiven!

Now, who do you need to forgive?


Frequently Asked Questions: Sources credited to Mary Fairchild.

a.       How do we forgive when we don’t feel like it?

i.      We forgive out of faith, out of obedience.

ii.      We must trust God is doing this work in us. We must continue to forgive by faith, until the work of forgiveness is done in our hearts.  (It’s a heart thing!)

Scripture: Philippians 1:6
And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns. (NLT)

Prayer: Father, this work that you have begun in me, complete it until its finish.  Lord it hurts to think about what I’ve done in my life and what others have done to me; but I trust my heart to be in your hands right now and forever.  Forgive me for having unforgiveness in my heart that blocks the blessings you have for me.  It’s in Jesus name I pray, Amen.

Pray this week for the person or persons you listed above.  Pray for God to make you have a change of hurt.  Instead of holding on to pain; grab hold to RELEASE!  Get ready for Forgiveness Part 2 next Sunday.  Come prepared for the surgeon to do a heart bypass on you!  Until then, be blessed and count it all joy!

Minister Rachell Lucas


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