When Dreams are Delayed!


This article is inspired by so many of us having delayed dreams. It’s for those of us that have been waiting, wondering, praying, seeking and hoping for CHANGE.  It’s for those that your Tuesday is usually a carbon of Monday and your Wednesday is identical to your Tuesday. It’s for those asking when is my change coming?  Where is my place in this world full of art, music, business, politics, law, science, religion, and beliefs?  How do I wait on a delayed promise?  Am I the only one who asks these questions?

My hope cannot be in anything earthly, natural, or something I can understand because my dreams are divine.  They require a supernatural occurrence, and someone more powerful than man to fulfill.

My hope is in God hearing my cry, understanding His plans, knowing the right time, place, and minute to say NOW!  Now is the time for the walls to fall, the mountains to bow down, the arrows to stop in mid-air, the stones to be no more, the right people to meet, the details to be in order, and for my child to experience her CHANGE! 

My hope is in the promises of God that were written before creation, before my conception became my parents reality, and that will last for an eternity.

So, I rise from my delayed emotion of celebration and I say NOW is the time to prepare for my dreams, to embrace the challenges, to harvest the skills, to fine tune the gifts, and to become wiser in the ONE who will guide me to my NOW!

My tears will no longer be tears of defeat, tears of sorrow, tears of failure, tears of regret, or tears of fear.  I command my emotions to align with the promises my FATHER made to me and I shed tears of joy, celebration, and excitement because my NOW is nearer rather than further and I will be ready for that once delayed dream.

Thank you Father for the wait time!  It comforts me to know that you love me so much that you are willing to sacrifice time to make sure everything is in order and perfect for me!

Celebrate your delayed dreams,

Rachell Lucas