Marriage Mondays: “Teamwork”


In all the searching, I could never find an “I” in team.  God’s original plan was for man and woman to be a dynamic team.  He desired for this team to enjoy paradise and rest from the work of His hands.  We all know that it was not too long after He joined man and woman, that the deceitful one came along and convinced this powerful team that they too could be like God.

My, have times not changed?  We team up to fight the world and soon after, the enemy convinces us that we are little god and little goddesses in our dominions.  We move from being one flesh to being two flesh fighting not this world, but fighting one another all because we’re busy trying to force the “I” in team. “I want this. I need this.  I deserve this.  I have this.  I worked for this.  I built this. I got this.”  While we perpetrate we’re happy, we’re on one accord, and we’re this TEAM, our marriages bleed selfishness and the foul aroma of trying to be in control and god over a mess we’ve allowed the enemy to cultivate.

This Marriage Monday step back and look at whose TEAM you’re own in your marriage.  If there is only one player on the court who will you pass the ball to when the enemy come up against you?  It is not one who wins.  It is we who win the game.  Get back to God’s original plan! Mark 10:9 says, What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder. That includes you too! Man and woman will be held accountable for how they played on the court.


Counting it All Joy,



I love my husband and our TEAM!



2 thoughts on “Marriage Mondays: “Teamwork”

  1. Amen, amen, amen!!! So many couples need this word in their arsenal as they fight against the evil one!!! Thank you God for your word and Minister Lucas’ voice to speak it to they masses!!!

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