Witness Challenge, Now Pass this On!


Your mouth is the least important tool when witnessing!  A person see’s the way you walk, what’s most important to you, what you drive, where you live, what you eat, before they ever hear the word JESUS come out of your mouth.  People hear what you say, observe how you respond to conflict, and judge how you handle difficult situations.  Whether you believe it or not, all eyes are on you!  If you were to stop and think about that for a moment, what do all these things say about the JESUS in you?  If all things hold true and this was your first opportunity to witness Jesus to the people you meet, would you have some things to adjust?  Our witness is not in what we say, but rather it is in how we live and when pressure is upon us, what we do!

How is your witness at school? How is your witness at work?  How is your witness in your city?  How is your witness in your community?  How is your witness on your street?  How is your witness in your own home?  How is your witness with your family?  Ooochhh!  We are not given the privilege to  put on or take off the garment of witness.  It’s comfortable to wear and parade it on Sunday mornings, but the reality is most of the people you are with on Sunday mornings are not in critical need of witnessing to.  The people that need it the most are the managers, co-workers, and people you do not know.  People that would not normally fit in your circle of friends.

Someone’s soul is waiting on each of us to be less selfish and spread the good news of Jesus with our whole mind, body, and soul.  Everything about you should reflect you believe in a reason Savior.  I challenge you to witness to 2 people and watch God move in a mighty way. Pass this on and let’s see witnessing manifest. We take on so many challenges, but today we must challenge ourselves to WITNESS.

Don’t just tell someone, but show someone JESUS!  Be kind, be gentle, be patient, be merciful, be full of HIM as you witness.

Walk like Him. Talk like Him.  Show someone that He lives with and in you!

Matthew 5:16 In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

Counting it All Joy,

Rev. Lucas