Resting in the arms of an Angel

Photo by Blingee

Photo by Blingee

While in a season of intense spiritual warfare; Holy Spirit urged me to learn more about angels and all their roles as Armies of the Lord.  While under attack one night and war raging in my mind, Holy Spirit’s truth and revelation of these messengers, protectors, and guards manifested in my own life.  We read about them, Hollywood characterize them, and we reference them to one another.  We say, “Angels were watching over me.” But, do we really know how significant this army is in our walk in faith?  Listen to this story.

Shortly after midnight, through a vulnerable window, Satan and his satanic forces came and took over her mind.  She tossed and turned in sorrow. The dark cloud hovered over her emotions, her inner self-worth, and future visions.  If tears told the story, the story would last a life time.  Shaken by the intrusion of depression and fear, she ran to hide her unexplainable feelings of despair and loss of hope, not realizing that the number one trick of the enemy in battle is to isolate his opponent.  Sitting alone, with thoughts of failure she cried out to God to help her, heal her, and deliver her for good.

With the simple prayer of HELP, what could not be seen; but was definitely activated was that the heavenly army had been released and dispatched.  They were now positioned  around her to minister, to serve, to take any message she had back to heaven, and to say what they had often said before, “Do Not Be Afraid!”

In the middle of war, her soul kept crying desperately seeking the Lord’s presence.  Immediately, His presence was there and in her darkest place when she could see nothing and had questions that were not being answered. “How would she make it?” “How could this happen?” “When?” “Why?”  Nothing!  No answer. No revelation. Nothing!  Holy Spirit begin to pray.  Angels begin to work and all her brokenness was restored.  In the presence of the Lord, with the support of Angels, and gifts from the Holy Spirit she remembers.  “I am a child of God! I am victorious!  I am blessed and I am favored.”  He whispers in her ear and she remembers, “I am loved!”

Angels push from the back and pull from the front her entire body.  For they know in this life, you sometimes need a little help back up.  They don’t mind. Unlike man, they understand their ministry.  They don’t stop pushing and pulling until God’s daughter is up standing in all of His strength, armored by a protective hedge, and all entry ways of the enemy are healed and sealed by the blood!  What more can God do for us; than to leave us with His living word, leave us with His Holy Spirit, assign us an Army of Angels, and then promise that His Son will return?

Let us share the good news that truly we have everything we will ever need!

Counting it All Joy,

Rev. Lucas

To learn more about Angels read The Word of God!


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