Unspoken Words~ Dr. Jerome McNeil: A Letter to My Pastor


Jerome McNeil Jr. (2)Dear Pastor McNeil,

I never got to tell you thank you for recognizing that I had missed service, only shortly after I had joined Christian Chapel. I really didn’t even know you knew my name; but some how in your own swag, you walked up behind me and asked, “Where have you been?” You noticed me out of all the people God had given to you to guard, protect, and pray for.

Then, your presence did not disappear in my life. Thank you and Lady Billye for driving over 100 miles to marry me and my husband. Thank you Pastor for blessing, anointing, and baptizing our first born son. Thank you for traveling out to our new home and blessing it. In other words, thank you for being a part of our milestones. I can’t even stop saying thank you. I’m not sure if you knew it or not; but you were a father when my relationship with my father was strain. It was so natural for you to say, “I love you.” “I’m proud of you.” or “Preach Preacher Preach.” You believed in what God was doing in my life and didn’t question His calling or become threaten by His decision to call me. You saw me on the news and asked me what the interview was all about? LOL You prayed with me for my mother during her time of trial. You called my family, checked on us, and prayed with or for us.

My heart ached the day I found out, some thousands miles away, that God had called you home to be with Him in glory. How selfish I was to think that what seemed always would always be. Who was I to rest under your ministry and not think that one day God would promote you to the next level you had so often expressed to us?

I still look for you from time to time. Although I know you will not be standing in the back of the sanctuary, walking in the balcony, or in the pulpit looking at the choir and all their anointing, I still feel your presence and hear your voice.

I want others to know when God puts such an awesome man of God in your life gratitude never leaves your spirit! You will be forever remembered and I will share your legacy to generation to generation!

Love Always,
Minister Rachell Lucas

Prayer of Thanksgiving:
I must thank you Lord! Thank you for knowing what we needed when we needed it. Thank you Lord that you shared your servant and through all the gifts you gave him; lives were impacted, transformed, restored, and empowered. You God alone, are perfect in all your ways! Why wouldn’t you want a servant like this home with you in glory? Now, teach us, guide us, mold us, hold us, and be merciful unto us. Much work is yet to be done and it can’t be done without you! You alone are in control! Have your way and make our paths straight. In Jesus Name.



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