Get Ready~Joshua 1:11~Are you ready to take Possession of the Land?


promiseland_welcome1For the last few days, God has been asking the question, “Are you ready?” So, having to answer this for myself, I want to ask you, “Are you ready?” In Joshua 1, Moses has gone on to be with the Lord and Joshua has taken his rightful position to lead the Israelites into the promise land. In verse 11, God tells Joshua to “Go through the camp and tell the people to get their provisions ready.” What did He mean by this? Did He mean get your finances in order? Did He mean gather up all your belongings? Had they been in their camp so long that they had grown comfortable? Was he telling the people to prepare to get out of their comfort zone? I’m referencing God’s chosen nation some thousands of years ago; but it reminds me of the present. The question I have to propose is, Why have we not all taken possession of the dreams, visions, and promises God has given each of us. Is it because we’ve grown comfortable in our own camps?

Delay no longer! Talk about it no longer! Instead, look over your camp and get your provisions ready! Seek His wisdom, payoff debt, let God connect you with the right people, and place you at the right places. Move over and let God lead you into your promise land. If you have any doubt and any fear look at how things have been going so far with you being in the drivers seat. He has already made the promise, now it’s up to you to prepare, follow the road map, and cross over to take possession of your territory! Thank you Holy Spirit for being an awesome teacher! In Jesus name, I’m getting ready!

Counting it All Joy,
Minister Lucas


2 thoughts on “Get Ready~Joshua 1:11~Are you ready to take Possession of the Land?

  1. Dana

    Once you continue to enlighten , inspire , and fufill my heart , mind , and soul with His word and your wisdom. I feel everyone can relate to this . I know I tend to want to control my life but I know The Lord has a plan greater and more fufilling than I . Love you Ms. Lucas!

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