You have to know what Joy is before “Counting it All Joy”!


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We learned on yesterday in a mini series of “Count it All Joy” that joy is the second fruit of the spirit Galations 5:23. Joy is having contentment hope, and confidence Philippians 4:11. Joy is a gift from God! John 14:15-18. Joy is found in the Word of God 1 John 1:3-4. Our strength is found in His Joy! Nehemiah 8:10.

We must not get joy confused with happiness. Joy does not depend on anything happening! Joy will not rest in an ungrateful heart! If we find ourselves lacking joy, then we must ask if we’re being ungrateful? As you go about your day today, delete the list of “have nots” and make a list of what you do have! As you contemplate and medidate on what is going on well in your life, the small things God has blessed you with, and the hand of God over your life, You will find joy! When you see Him, you will receive JOY!

Counting it All Joy,
Minister Lucas


One thought on “You have to know what Joy is before “Counting it All Joy”!

  1. Dana

    Don’t forget to post something today ! You know every morning I start by reading your blessed and wise words! Love you Mrs.Lucas!

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