“Come Quick, This is an Emergency”


John 11:3 So the sisters sent word to Jesus, “Lord, the one you love is sick.”

Have you ever had to send Jesus a S.O.S.? Mary and Martha sent a message to Jesus for help. Their brother had been sick for days and now he was sick unto death. They just knew after all the times they had fellowshipped, after all the dinners, after all they had gone through that Jesus would come and do what He had been doing best. It wasn’t anything for the Messiah to heal, deliver, and set some people free. Surely, he would come to their rescue and see about Lazarus.
Today, you may not be Mary or Martha; but you may have had your own Lazarus situations were you did need Jesus to come and see about you. Weather you admit it or not, I too have told Jesus, “Come Quick, this is an emergency!”

In this scripture, we find sickness was in their house. It’s not strange that sickness will creep in and rest in a dwelling place. For this day in time, it can be found in any house! It’s in your house, it’s in my house, it’s in the school house, and it’s in the church house. Sickness is in the work place, it’s in our communities, it’s in our towns, our cities, our state, and it’s surely in our nation. People are sick with diseases, afflictions, and conditions. Some are physical; but many are spiritual. Some people you meet are so afflicted and cancerous with jealousy, envy, resentment, evil, and self-fish ambition. There are even some illnesses where the symptoms cause the afflicted to rob, lie, cheat, and steel. Lazarus had a physical condition that had not been treated and resulted in death. We see the physical condition; but God truly wants us to see the spiritual conditions some of us lay in, rest in, and are content in, year after year, month after month, day after day, and breath after breath.

There are some things that we cannot change and we cannot fix, and just talking about is not enough. Martha and Mary recognized that the affliction was too powerful for them in their own strength. Today be like the two sisters, get together and take it to Jesus. It’s ok, to let go and let God! It’s ok to give up if you’re giving it up to Jesus. It’s ok to call out and tell him, “Come Quick, this is an emergency.”

Counting it All Joy,
Minister Lucas


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