“A Sinful Eye, There is a way out, but do you want to get out?” Part 2

Photo by: cauldronsandcupcakes.com

Photo by: cauldronsandcupcakes.com

2 Samuel 11

My former Pastor often stated, “Sin will take you further than you intend to go and keep you longer than you intended to stay.”  Just one look took David,  King of Israel, to being an adulterer, manipulator, liar, control freak, murderer, father of an illegitimate child, shemer, and most of all a disobedient man, after God’s own heart.  Now searching for ways to cover his tracks, one sin leads him to another sin, to another, and to another.  Our sins don’t just affect us. They impact everyone around and connected to us.  Had David been in his right position, he would not have been tempted. His eyes would not have lusted after someone that did not belong to him, which led to fulfillment of his desires, which led to Bathsheba’s conception, the death of her husband, and now David living with the blood stains of Uriah on his hands. 

The Bible tells us to flee.  The devil will always do what he is suppose to do.  He will tempt, deceive, and try to convice us that noone will ever know if we act upon our fleshly desires, but God says flee.  There are somethings in this life you cannot entertain.  You cannot stroll by or believe you’re strong enough to handle an environment full of temptation.   Don’t be deceived!  Run for your life and know that safe passage is up ahead.  To all that may be struggling with the eye.  Speak in the authority God has given you.  Call the eye back into it’s rightful order and always know there is a way out!

Counting it All Joy,
Minister Lucas


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