“Wisdom and Wealth”

Photo by: insidetheshrink-dailygrace.blogspot.com

Photo by: insidetheshrink-dailygrace.blogspot.com

Early, we’re taught to obtain and pursue wealth. As teenages we want our own cars. As young adults we hope for careers that will provide monetary gains so that we may live in the suburban communities, drive luxuary cars, wear designer labels, fit in the social classes that we consider successful. In our seasoned years, we pray for the maximum return in our IRA accounts. When it’s all said and done most of us miss out on the most valuable of the W’s, WISDOM. The Word of God says in Proverbs 2:4 that we are to search for wisdom and understanding as we would silver. It goes on to say wisdom will guard the path of the just, save you from evil people, and those that listen to widom will live in peace, untroubled by fear of harm (Proverbs 2:33). I don’t know about you but I cannot recall my bank account ever doing any of these for me. It has failed me. It has dissappointed me. It has been unstable and it has never provided me everlasting peace. It’s not a matter of Wisdom vs. Wealth; but it is a matter of understanding that Wisdom produces wealth. As you go about your day to day, forget about the monetary, the amounts you don’t have, the amounts you think you need, and just pursue the most richest of them all, WISDOM.

Counting it All Joy,

Minister Lucas


3 thoughts on ““Wisdom and Wealth”

  1. Thanks for this post. This made me reflect back to a very crucial moment in my life when my prayers and request to the Lord had to change. Wisdom was what I ask of God at 4am in 2009. God did it!! Since that day, my life has no longer been the same. …guard the path of the just, save you from evil people, and those that listen to widom will live in peace, untroubled by fear of harm. His word is true!!

  2. I’m most definately trying to seek His wisdom. I too use to seek everything else, and what He revealed to me was all my efforts were meaningless. Wisdom was what I truly needed. Thank you Wise Woman of God for sharing! I’m encouraged!

  3. Dana

    While in treatment I realized that wisdom is the most liberating gift. A fancy car or a hefty paycheck will only give one superficial fulfillment but once the materialistic things fade or lose their luster one craves more because they are not focusing on the riches in life that gleams with beauty . My knowledge I’ve gained about myself , my purpose , my worth , my family , and most importantly my renewed relationship with The Lord is the most liberating and blessed gifts I could ever pray for . Thank mrs.Lucas for helping me reflect on the beauty in the blessings right in front of me . You and The Lord always bring me peace and faith .

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