“Holy Spirit is at My Door”


Chapter 2 in “Count it All Joy” simply says: There is beauty in our losses! The beauty in our losses is that we gain new beginnings… Because of the closing and opening of doors in our lives, we’re ushered into God’s purpose for us. Imagine what takes place as you enter into church service each Sunday. You’re greeted at the door and with a smile! You’re ushered in to take a seat . As brief as it may be, it is a perfect example of how the Holy Spirit operates in our losses. He stands at the door of new beginnings and greets us with his loving spirit as He ushers us in to take a seat for a while. Just like the ushers in service, He never leaves but monitors, directs, and serves as a host while we’re in our new circumstance. He leads us, guides us, and comforts us when times get rough.

Our losses bring us new doors. When God closes a door in your life, don’t have your body in God’s way. Nobody should get in His way. He is moving you forward for a devine purpose and reason. As you walk out of one into another, remember Holy Spirit is at your door!

Counting it All Joy,

Minister Lucas


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