“P.U.S.H.” Praise Him Under Stress and Heat!


Photo by: stpatrick.on.ca

Photo by: stpatrick.on.ca

Today is one of those days! Really this season has been one of the those seasons; were God has had to teach me to P.U.S.H., Praise Him Under Stress and Heat! Stress is everywhere! You turn on the news, stress. You go to work, stress. You drive in DFW, stress. You go to church, sadly there’s stress in the church house. So, what I’ve been shown is stress cannot be in control when I’m in total praise. What do I do when I feel like the heat has been turned up or the stress is enclosing in on me? I praise! I grab the earphones, turn up the praise and worship music. I sing the song that’s in my heart. I pray prayers of thanksgiving. Then, I’m reminded of what I do have versus what I think I do not have. Stress cannot creap in under these conditions. I may be in the fire; but when praise is on, it cannot burn me. So, if stress is present today and the heat is on…P.U.S.H. Praise Him Under the Stress and the Heat!

Counting it All Joy,
Minister Lucas


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