“There’s MORE than Power in Prayer” Dedicated to a Prayer Warrior


Photo by: Unknown

Photo by: Unknown

I’ve said this on numerous occassions, “There’s power in prayer.” After a prayer experience on tonight, I will no longer let those words flow from my mouth. Instead, I’m required to let everyone know there is MORE than power in prayer. In prayer, demons are cast out, souls are set free, diseases are rebuked, curses are broken, shackles and chains are loosened, wounds are healed and sealed, the belly of believers are impregnated with ministries, peace is released, burdens are uplifted, afflictions have no resting place, relationships are mended, marriages are united, children are protected, overflows bursts at the seam, direction is given, visions are shared, hedges are built, attacks are suspended, angels are discharged, His kingdom comes, His will is done, and I could go on!

My late Pastor, asked me a couple of years ago, “What has God called you to do”? I sincerely answered that He had called me to preach and teach. Pastor McNeil looked at me with a “what else look” out of his glasses. I truly didn’t know, but being the prophet that he was, he said, “And, you’re a prayer warrior.” At that time I didn’t get it! When referring to prayer warriors, I pictured the marching sisters in the movie, “Beloved.” I didn’t tell him that in my mind I wasn’t receiving that. I had never gathered a group of women together, walked down a dirt road, stood outside a house of a demon and begin to cast it out by the power of the Holy Spirit. No, not me!!!! I’ll take the teaching, the preaching, and I’ll go home…Thank you very much! Someone else can do that kind of thing, so I thought!

But baby, when God is upon you, you’ll do and say some things you cannot remember doing. After seeing Him work in prayer for myself, I’m honored to be one of His prayer warriors. If it means just one change will take place in prayer, you can trust, I’ll be on my post!

James 5:16-17
New King James Version (NKJV)
16 Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed. The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

Counting it All Joy,

Minister Lucas


2 thoughts on ““There’s MORE than Power in Prayer” Dedicated to a Prayer Warrior

  1. Dana rivera

    Minister Lucas your words have brightened my morning and remind me that The Lord is always with me and with prayer will always guide me and make miracles

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