“There’s Danger in Looking Back” Part 2 (Ouch This One Hurt)


This insert is dedicated to my husband! As the hand of God’s Angels were pulling Lot to safety, Lot pulled his beloved. Under the umbrella of God’s mercy they were led outside the city gates. Genesis 19: 17 says, As soon as they had brought them out, one of them said, “Flee for your lives! Don’t look back, and don’t stop anywhere in the plain! Flee to the mountains or you will be swept away!” It wasn’t until they made it to Lot’s requested destination did God rain down his wrath on Soddom and Gomorrah. Standing in complete safety, far away from the raining sulfer, the burning urge came to Lot’s beloved to just take one last look at what use to be and what once was. The desires in her heart had overcome God’s one command, “Don’t look back”. Right at the moment of disobedience, she traded an abundance, safe, and lucrative future with the family God had rescued, to become a pillar of salt. What is the signifance of God turning her into a monument of salt? We may never know; but what I do know is that now knowing truth; I’m brought to repentance. Lot’s wife reminds me of times I know the hand of God is leading my husband to safety and as God is leading him; he’s reaching to bring me to the mountain top. Just like my sister, “Lot’s wife”, I hinder the process by stopping every now and then and wanting to take one look back. Forgive me Lord, that I’ve had my own, “wish I could have, should have, would have.” I do not want to be a pillar of salt; in which I’m frozen and cannot season the earth. To you that may be reading, remember God has brought you out for many reasons.

Count it All Joy and DO NOT look back,
Minister Lucas


5 thoughts on ““There’s Danger in Looking Back” Part 2 (Ouch This One Hurt)

  1. Amery Lucas

    I love you with my heart. I know God has blessings set aside for us. The journey has been taxing…but I know that God’s grace has and will sustain us. Similar to Lot, I don’t know all the details. I just have faith to continue marching forward:with my family. Love you and thank you for sharing.

  2. Wonda

    There is no backside to body armor, we must go forward and fight the good fight of faith, until the Lord calls us home… too many darts back there…I thank God for the miracles He has brought fourth in the last 7 days. I Praise God because He sent His only son that we would have life eternally.

  3. Dana

    This is key in my recovery . Now everything makes sense . In my past, if I only just focused on the blessings in front of me and my future , I feel my life may have been less chaotic and hurtful . But I know for a fact every event in my life and others happened and happens for a reason . Through my pain , I have gained my entire life back to say the least thanks to the blessings of The Lord ! Minister Lucas reading these every morning enlightens my day 🙂

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