“An Angel’s Protection”


A couple of nights ago, I had the most amazing dream. It was so real that when I opened my eyes, my dream became my reality. Now, whether I actually saw the angels or I was still dreaming will never be known; but what I do know is, I felt a peace that was truly real. At the sight of the angel army I knew immediately, God had discharged His angels to watch over me. In my dream, I was asleep in our bedroom and angels were standing at attention around our bed. They were not the angelic white angels that we see in Hollywood productions. They were serious, on post, standing in attention with a spear and a shield. They were not present to harm or to hurt me but I sense that they were discharged to protect. There was no fear in the room. In the dream or in my reality, I looked around and acknowledged their presence and closed my eyes knowing that they were sent by God. It wasn’t until this morning, when the enemy attacked my spirit, that I realized that the heat had been turned up and we’ve been placed on the front line of the battle ground. I’m so grateful that God know’s when there is no fight left, that His children need protection, and when it’s time for the Guardian Angels to be released. Whether I’m laying down, standing up, crippled, wounded, or battered it’s quite assuring knowing that I have angels assigned to me and interceding on my behalf. For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over you, to keep you…Luke 4:10

Counting it All Joy,

Minister Lucas

Photo by: http://www.tapestryproductions.com/products/artist/thomasblackshear/watchersinthenight.php

Watchers in the Night

Artist: Thomas Blackshear


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