Who Are You Sipping With? Don’t Entertain Demons!


coffee-1699185_1920This scripture hit home because there are some people in my life no matter what or how hard I try my spirit is never at rest while in their company. I’ve prayed, I’ve repented thinking maybe I have done something; but nothing changes. It’s almost as if they’ve been positioned in my circle to haunt me, rob my joy, steal any thunder, critique my efforts, copy cat my person, demonstrate selfishness at its best and stir up something in my spirit that gives me no peace.

So, when I came accross: James 3:15-18 NLT For jealousy and selfishness are not God’s kind of wisdom. Such things are earthly, unspiritual, and demonic. For wherever there is jealousy and selfish ambition, there you will find disorder and evil of every kind. But the wisdom from above is first of all pure. It is also peace loving, gentle at all times, and willing to yield to others. It is full of mercy and the fruit of good deeds. It shows no favoritism and is always sincere. And those who are peacemakers will plant seeds of peace and reap a harvest of righteousness, I realized I’ve been forcing myself to sip with demonic forces. To rob me, kill me, destroy me, envy me, and to steal from me is exactly their assignment.  My advice to you is don’t force what the spirit has said no to. There is a reason you are uneasy and cannot rest in the presence of certain people. Jesus is peace. Where there is no peace there is no Jesus!

Sip Right,



A Jacob Kind of Wait


Are you willing to wait on others?  Genesis 29:20 (NIV): So Jacob served seven years to get Rachel, but they seemed like only a few days to him because of his love for her.

Rise with Possibility in your Cup!


 Don’t settle for an impossible mindset.  Fix your mind to believe one of God’s promises.

Matthew 19:26: Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God ALL things are possible.  


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Trump, Clinton, or Hope????



We have about 25 days until the most important election in history will go underway!  As exciting as each debate has been and the amusement each candidate has provided where is our hope America?

As I dropped my eldest son off at school this morning, a few reminders were whispered into my spirit.  One, no matter who is chosen as the leader of this country, there is still ONLY one King!  King Jesus will reign regardless of Mr. Donald Trump’s or Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s title.  The power that The Blood has can and will demand that demons obey when it comes to His people.  Luke 10:17 says, The seventy-two returned with joy and said, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name.”

Second, that same power has the power to transform the hearts of man.  This American experience may very well transform what we think is impossible to be what God ordained years ago to be possible.  Even if the very dreaded candidate wins this election, we should have no fear.  For Jesus won and received all victory on the cross!   These two are political representatives that create and amend laws.  God created the universe, separated water from land, positioned the stars in the sky, made mere man from the dust of the earth, took one  body part and made a woman, destroyed the earth once, and then restored it. Who truly has your vote?

Third, Christians can use this as an opportune time to walk the walk we always talk, FAITH.  No matter the outcome, our faith should grow to new levels. Our faith should be past the minimum requirement of a mustard seed.  We should have mountain moving faith, red sea parting faith, lion den faith, fiery furnace faith, cake making faith, oil never running out faith, go when He says go kind of faith, Lot’s faith, Noah’s faith, Daniel’s faith, Job’s faith, and faith that confuses the enemy.

Fourth, there are some things neither candidate can change or promise.  They can promise to increase or decrease taxes; but they cannot limit or cap the number of miracles God is getting ready to show us.  They can increase or decrease the national deficit; but they cannot block our blessings.  They can change the healthcare reform, but they cannot heal us like the stripes of Jesus. They can build all kinds of walls, but once upon a time in Jericho God even made the walls come tumbling down.  Ha, Ha!  I’m going to shout myself.

God, is getting ready to open up a season were we have no choice but to trust him.  Our faith is approaching a test like we’ve never seen before.  Get ready to not only share in His sufferings; but get prepared to share in His Glory!  Await Nov. 8th with a hopeful, victorious perspective.  For hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.  I expect God to still be on His Throne on election day!


Holy Spirit Speak!





A Teacher’s Armor- Dress Code for Success


Tomorrow I will begin my eighth year as a public educator. I’ve had so many days were I’ve had the thought what in the world was I thinking? I left being a corporate accountant and trainer to escape stress, to escape politics, and to be in an environment where I can make a real difference.  I didn’t kDress for Successnow that stress would follow me to each campus, politics are live and well in each district, the difference to be made would take the life out of me and place me on spiritual life support.  I was so unprepared and didn’t know that my classrooms would be filled with children who may not have eaten since the night before, who are being abused day-to-day, who don’t know where mother and father are.  No one prepared me in my alternative certification program that the knowledge and tools we would be given would be obsolete before we completed our program and that every year there would be a new buzzword and new name for an old teaching strategy.  Most importantly, there has not been a dress code policy that truly has helped me from day-to-day.

Administrators usually express the first day back their professional dress code expectations.  Depending on their personal preferences and district standards we can either wear jeans or no jeans, wear flip-flops, open toe shoes, capris, or whatever they find as an appropriate attire for success.  I’ve yet to have had one leader to really prepare me and make me aware each year that being a teacher in this generation, especially in an urban demographic, is like walking into war zone.  Everyone from the school boards, to the superintendents, to administrators, to teachers, to parents, and down to the students are entering war for yet another year.  We battle to meet state standards, district expectations, the needs of our students, all while trying to do what we’ve been called to do, teach.  Which by the way, teaching gets the least attention and time throughout a normal day.  Parents fly over like helicopters when their child is held accountable as if they will never have to be accountable in this life.  Administrators  are scared out their mind and have fallen to the pressures of just trying to keep the community happy so they can keep their jobs. Teachers are overwhelmed and exhausted from having to be on the front line without the proper support, resources, and clientele that come everyday ready to learn.  Teachers, well we spend so much time parenting, counseling, and looking at data that we have less and less time to plan and produce the rigor and relevant lessons that are expected from us.  Year after year, semester after semester we start each year with the dread that its time to go back to school.

So, this brings me to a new perspective this year. I’m not going into this school year looking at the data, looking at the lesson plans, stressing over the cute classroom theme; but I’m showing up tomorrow focused on my armor. I refused to go to battle unarmed yet another year.  I will put on the full armor of God so that each day I can stand on what I believe to be right and best for my students.  I will buckle the belt of truth around my waist and no matter what political game is being played before me I will be on the side of what is honest and true. I will walk in with the breast-plate of righteousness and with my feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. I’m taking in my shield of faith that the Bible says can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. I will cover my head with the helmet of salvation and be reminded that this is temporary, heaven is my home.  Last but not least, I will not forget my sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.  The laws of the land may say I cannot read them over my classroom; but no one can stop me from planting them in my heart!  Move over district policy this is how I will dress for success!

I pray for you educators as you start your assignments. May you too look at your wardrobe tonight and make a conscious decision to put on those things that will keep you well each upcoming day! 


God Bless,



Do We Need Father’s that Imitate God the Father?


Upon his shoulders he has been trusted with a tremendous responsibility.  He should resemble and imitate on earth what God the Father is doing in heaven.  He should be the head of his household, not given orders, but directing, instructing, teaching, covering, protecting, and providing for his family. Anyone can be a sperm donor, but it takes a real man to model God’s blueprint for his household and do everything in his power to not only be physically, but emotionally, and spiritually present in the home.

What would our world, nation, state, city, communities, schools, and homes look like if we had more fathers and fewer men dashing in and out of the lives of their children?  Sadly, we have so many broken men and women due to the absence of their father. The cycle repeats in most cases from one generation to the next, only to increase the population of little girls longing for a covering and little boys longing for a model.  I look at God and His relationship with us.  First, He took the time to leave us a written blueprint as a reference throughout life’s most difficult situations.  He then decided to be engaged in our lives by not only leaving His Word and His promises; but being actively involved in every step of the way.  From the time He creates us, He never abandons us.  He’s with us through the good, the bad, and the ugly.  He teaches us, molds us, guides us, and carries us through situations and circumstances.  He fights for us, protects us, and never stops loving us despite our maturity or disobedience toward Him.

Do we need father’s who are imitators of God?  Of course! There is nothing more special than knowing that nothing can separate you from your father, that your father has written you sweet notes of encouragement, instructions, and promises that he has made every effort to keep.  A child desires for a father to be engaged and completely present in his or her life. It’s wonderful to know that father was there during creation; but what truly matters is that he is there every step of the way and that he has never once thought of abandoning you.  It’s those same shoulders that God trusted to carry out His image on earth that provides the greatest comfort to any child through life’s trials and tribulations.  This Father’s Day weekend thank God for the real fathers in your life.  If man has let you down, thank God that He is the ultimate Father.  For His Word says that He is Father to the fatherless and that we are His children.  After all, there is nothing like the real thing!

Happy Father’s Day,


When Dreams are Delayed!


This article is inspired by so many of us having delayed dreams. It’s for those of us that have been waiting, wondering, praying, seeking and hoping for CHANGE.  It’s for those that your Tuesday is usually a carbon of Monday and your Wednesday is identical to your Tuesday. It’s for those asking when is my change coming?  Where is my place in this world full of art, music, business, politics, law, science, religion, and beliefs?  How do I wait on a delayed promise?  Am I the only one who asks these questions?

My hope cannot be in anything earthly, natural, or something I can understand because my dreams are divine.  They require a supernatural occurrence, and someone more powerful than man to fulfill.

My hope is in God hearing my cry, understanding His plans, knowing the right time, place, and minute to say NOW!  Now is the time for the walls to fall, the mountains to bow down, the arrows to stop in mid-air, the stones to be no more, the right people to meet, the details to be in order, and for my child to experience her CHANGE! 

My hope is in the promises of God that were written before creation, before my conception became my parents reality, and that will last for an eternity.

So, I rise from my delayed emotion of celebration and I say NOW is the time to prepare for my dreams, to embrace the challenges, to harvest the skills, to fine tune the gifts, and to become wiser in the ONE who will guide me to my NOW!

My tears will no longer be tears of defeat, tears of sorrow, tears of failure, tears of regret, or tears of fear.  I command my emotions to align with the promises my FATHER made to me and I shed tears of joy, celebration, and excitement because my NOW is nearer rather than further and I will be ready for that once delayed dream.

Thank you Father for the wait time!  It comforts me to know that you love me so much that you are willing to sacrifice time to make sure everything is in order and perfect for me!

Celebrate your delayed dreams,

Rachell Lucas